when the going gets tough…

It’s been a minute, yes! Because I’ve been extremely busy trying to make ends meet and satisfying the new world I found myself in, it takes almost all the energy in me to go through each day. But like the old recurring adage says; “….when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” I first learnt how true this adage was during my NYSC project and how strongly it paid off and truthfully its still paying off till this very minute.   I once told a friend of mine who was seeking “any job” that any job is never fulfilling but happiness-sucking or peace-sucking as the it may apply. No matter how difficult it is or it seems you must stick to the best. Well, I’m glad she listened cause, she’s currently working with the best coy in her field. SHALOM!   To the main reason I am writing this … Continue Reading →

GOAL SETTING: From getting a boyfriend to owning a company…

I began thinking about how I started my company: the when, the why, and the how. I have always known I wanted to be an entrepreneur; it was just a matter of getting to that point. When I was 15 years old, I attended a 14-day, intense sprint camp. It was truly grueling: up at 5 am every morning to run, and 5 additional practices and running sessions each day, ending at 9 pm. Up until recently, I had always reflected on this toughness of this camp as a pivotal moment in my upbringing. My thinking had always been: “if I can mentally and physically get through the hell they put us through, I can accomplish anything.” Looking back, I can truly see where this camp had left a lasting impression on me occurred on day one. The counselors, at the behest of Mr. Oshinaike (ex sports coach in Lagos … Continue Reading →

My Best friend

It has come to ma notice that alota parent did bad tinx around the jan/February period so much taht we have endless november babies which my B! Is one of them. Alota peeps have been wondering and asking who “B” is. Well, you know I like to funkify things and especially abbreviate almost everything. B is for Bolade,  actually that’s another abbreviation. Its Mobolade. I would typically call him Mo’ or M but I got the M already and the Mo’ just too feminine for me. Talking about feminity, we all know women are the ones with the most accepting, loving, caring, affectionate, daring, gentle and God-fearing which is why it’s more like a blessing that Allah gave me a man  with a woman’s soul and a man’s heart (for whom a man chooses to love, thy world cannot change). B is an amazing lovely friend, most times when people … Continue Reading →

My JSS3 assignment ~ My mother, My hero

My Hero Few months ago, I was cleaning my book store and I found my JSS3 Essay competition script, can’t remember the scenario but I can remember it made my teacher cry. Read on: Everyone has a hero that they look up to in there life. Any hero can be described as a loyal, trustworthy, and dependable person. This to me describes my Mom, who is one of my many heroes and people I look up too. One of the many reasons that my Mom is my hero is because she is one of the most loyal people I know. Whenever I need her she is there with advice, love, and support. One of the examples of her loyalty is how she supports me no matter what. When I was having a tough time with school in elementary school, she was not mad at me for my falling grades. Instead, … Continue Reading →

My Hijab story ~ 2

MY HIJAB STORY 2 – M’ADE It was at this point I decided it was time to put some more thought into this whole ‘hijab’ issue. And I did. For 3.5 years I contemplated the thought of wearing hijab, but the fear inside of me was overwhelming. I was afraid of what my friends would say. I was afraid of what my clients and colleagues might think. I was terrified that I would be harassed at work, or even worse – fired! All of these thoughts raced through my mind, day in and day out. Each time I seriously thought about doing it I would say, “But, I’m not ready yet!” A very convenient excuse I must say! Finally I said to myself, “Maryam, look at the big picture!” Now, when I say big picture, I don’t mean next week, or in a few months or even 25 years down … Continue Reading →

My Hijab story….. 1

Befrore & After My hijab story – M’ADE Today, I am simply here to share with you my personal experiences in hope that you may find some meaning and sense of inspiration in what I have to say. As I sit down and attempt to write this several times, I realized how personal my hijab (headscarf) story actually is because no amount of words can truly do the experience justice. That being said, I’m just going to dive right in.   Raised in a Muslim family, I was brought up with the basic, fundamental principles and values that Islam instils. I was taught to pray, to fast, to be kind-hearted, generous and to share the Deen of Allah graciously with those around me. The thought of one day ‘covering my head’ occasionally popped into my mind, but the thought that almost always followed was – “Not until I’m ready!” I … Continue Reading →

would you?…

Repot from Memoires of a woman with Chutzpah.   I have many hats in my little bag and on days like this I get to wear two. I had just been on the phone with a heart-broken patient (names changed to protect their identities). Amanda had been diagnosed with HIV a year ago following a shady blood transfusion at one of the private hospitals in Lagos. This had to have been the most terrifying period of her life but she survived the ill health, the drug side effects and the stigma from family members and after a protracted sick leave returned back to work. None of her colleagues was the wiser. They treated her the same and seeing that my dear patient was successful, smart and very beautiful she had an army of interested menfolk wanting to make her their Mrs. She made a conscious effort to ward off any … Continue Reading →

The transition…

Its’ hard, it’s difficult, it’s uneasy and in fact it is scary. Having to wake up one day and tell your friends and family that you have decided to venture into what you believe to be a successful business, when you practically have nothing. On the 20th of June this year after having sleepless nights and 3 days away in the desert trying to figure out what completes me, trying to swerve away from exhaustion with no accomplishment. I told my mum; I will be resigning from my place of work. I can remember the look on her face; you know the way tom shrugs at the sight of seeing jerry’s butt coming towards him. I tapped her out of her misery so she won’t pass out before I get the chance to explain myself. Just like I did in my last post as to how I made my decision, … Continue Reading →

It’s All Right To Have A Little Bit Of Regret

I was watching CCN news the other evening and there was some kind of survey conducted comparing people’s happiness. The people considered belonged to two different groups. Optimists and pessimists. And the conclusion was something along the line that a pessimist is more likely to be happier in life (in the long run) than an optimist. I thought for a moment how can a naysayer, a worrywart, someone who is always gloomy, be happier in life than a romantic idealist? Being a senseless idealist myself I’ve always hoped and wished for things that not only didn’t happen, but could never happen. I remember when the entire country was plunged in trouble and enmity, and when at times my friends complained that they couldn’t take it any more. I was always full of hope and optimism. I don’t know, maybe I was too young for hope to be extinguished for very … Continue Reading →


I remember looking at my home economics teacher’s middle finger back in ‘03 and thinking to myself, ‘one day it’s going to be my turn’, many times passed that I pray for the day when someone is going to ask for my hand in marriage and do it by putting a ring on it. Damn! I was so obsessed with rings that at 18 I had started surfing the internet for the perfect ring and considering my not-so-beautiful tiny fingers I got from my dad (*rme*) I had to get the big rock to compliment it and make people forget how not beautiful they are when they glance at it. Marriage has been on my mind sine my first relationship and somehow it has been a good thing but mostly a bad idea because it clouds your judgement of what the perfect imperfect man is. This thought runs through every … Continue Reading →


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