There is love in sharing

My heart is filled with grace and love. I am overwhelmed with Allah’s rahma , his unending miracles, how he used my patience and love for sharing show me this grace I must say…Allahu Akbar. Just last night a friend, sister and beloved lover sent me a picture. Well she had sent it all day […]

40-40-20 chances

The chances of a man or woman or both being the cause of no conception or delayed conception has been ruled to be 40-40-20. Many a time especially in this part of the world its generalised to be the woman’s fault, since its her abode that the child grows but there are other reasons that […]

The end of the begining…

  “Pelvic adhesion and a blockage of the fallopian tubes” was the verdict after my first hysteroscopy, six months into my marriage. Everything the doctor said after delivering this bombshell flew right over my head. One of my worst nightmares had just become reality. I had blocked tubes. It didn’t matter that the doctor said […]

The Lady Mechanic Initiative

Repost from   Hello     my wonderful readers. Today, I am going to make a diversion from the norm and make this post a feature story on a particular woman who is doing something I consider absolutely wonderful. Well well, Let us have a look. The woman whom I am referring to is Mrs Sandra […]

love, marriage…wait for the baby

As a growing lady, I was used to the fact that once you got married in about ten to twelve months we come again to celebrate the birth of a child. Well ofcourse that is how the cycle had been. Girl meets guy, guy proposes marriage and while scouting for a house you make sure […]

been a minute… no a year

The last time I blogged I was defenseless, unaware, single, happy maybe and full of adventure. As you may know these many and more has changed about me and as I simultaneously share my life as it goes I will be recapping on the things that have gone by, the things that have made me […]

when the going gets tough…

It’s been a minute, yes! Because I’ve been extremely busy trying to make ends meet and satisfying the new world I found myself in, it takes almost all the energy in me to go through each day. But like the old recurring adage says; “….when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” I first […]

My Best friend

It has come to ma notice that alota parent did bad tinx around the jan/February period so much taht we have endless november babies which my B! Is one of them. Alota peeps have been wondering and asking who “B” is. Well, you know I like to funkify things and especially abbreviate almost everything. B […]

My JSS3 assignment ~ My mother, My hero

My Hero Few months ago, I was cleaning my book store and I found my JSS3 Essay competition script, can’t remember the scenario but I can remember it made my teacher cry. Read on: Everyone has a hero that they look up to in there life. Any hero can be described as a loyal, trustworthy, […]


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