The Lady Mechanic Initiative

Repost from   Hello     my wonderful readers. Today, I am going to make a diversion from the norm and make this post a feature story on a particular woman who is doing something I consider absolutely wonderful. Well well, Let us have a look. The woman whom I am referring to is Mrs Sandra […]

love, marriage…wait for the baby

As a growing lady, I was used to the fact that once you got married in about ten to twelve months we come again to celebrate the birth of a child. Well ofcourse that is how the cycle had been. Girl meets guy, guy proposes marriage and while scouting for a house you make sure […]

been a minute… no a year

The last time I blogged I was defenseless, unaware, single, happy maybe and full of adventure. As you may know these many and more has changed about me and as I simultaneously share my life as it goes I will be recapping on the things that have gone by, the things that have made me […]

when the going gets tough…

It’s been a minute, yes! Because I’ve been extremely busy trying to make ends meet and satisfying the new world I found myself in, it takes almost all the energy in me to go through each day. But like the old recurring adage says; “….when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” I first […]

My Best friend

It has come to ma notice that alota parent did bad tinx around the jan/February period so much taht we have endless november babies which my B! Is one of them. Alota peeps have been wondering and asking who “B” is. Well, you know I like to funkify things and especially abbreviate almost everything. B […]

My JSS3 assignment ~ My mother, My hero

My Hero Few months ago, I was cleaning my book store and I found my JSS3 Essay competition script, can’t remember the scenario but I can remember it made my teacher cry. Read on: Everyone has a hero that they look up to in there life. Any hero can be described as a loyal, trustworthy, […]

My Hijab story ~ 2

MY HIJAB STORY 2 – M’ADE It was at this point I decided it was time to put some more thought into this whole ‘hijab’ issue. And I did. For 3.5 years I contemplated the thought of wearing hijab, but the fear inside of me was overwhelming. I was afraid of what my friends would […]

My Hijab story….. 1

Befrore & After My hijab story – M’ADE Today, I am simply here to share with you my personal experiences in hope that you may find some meaning and sense of inspiration in what I have to say. As I sit down and attempt to write this several times, I realized how personal my hijab […]

would you?…

Repot from Memoires of a woman with Chutzpah.   I have many hats in my little bag and on days like this I get to wear two. I had just been on the phone with a heart-broken patient (names changed to protect their identities). Amanda had been diagnosed with HIV a year ago following a […]


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